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Brief History of OSDVA

Our little village group which started thirty years ago (1981) with a mutual concern over
development of the Nickerson portion of the Indian Lands has continued in it's existence. We
won our first battle to save open space in our village and we have gone on to pursue other capital
improvements and image enhancements. Later the green highway signs were removed from our Historic District, and the more historic- looking signposts and street signs funded by OSDVA took  their place.
Beautification projects along Route 134 as well as other improvements to the Islands on Route 134
as well as adjoining areas. We have not done any solicitation for funding for any of these projects, and
have raised funds through our regular events to maintain our working goals such as these.

What's in a Name?

With the turnover of residents in the village over the years, many new comers and non-members
have thought of the Old South Dennis Village Association and the Liberty hall as one in the same
organizations. The OSDVA and the Liberty Hall, Inc, are two distinctly separate organizations,
even though most of our functions are regularly held at Liberty Hall. Liberty Hall is also available for
suitable rentals to any South Dennis resident or organization. Given in 1920 by philanthropist and
summer resident Ella Stephenson Totten to the people of the Village of South Dennis, in care of a
three (3) person Board of Trustees, countless charitable, civic and social organizations ( such as
OSDVA) have come and gone,  each enjoying the benefits of Liberty hall and adjoining Village
Green, and always contributing toward the general welfare and benefit of Liberty Hall. Present
Trustees are Edmund Nickerson, James McCarty, and George Hibbard Jr. We thank them for
their constant time and devotion on behalf of the citizenry of South Dennis and we are proud that
OSDVA has been able to make significant contributions to the general welfare and beautification
of our historic c. 1844 Liberty Hall at Four Corners.
Mission Statement

Preserve,protect and promote the character and the quality of life in the Village of South Dennis.

What is the Old South Dennis Village Association

The OSDVA is an association developed for the betterment of the Village and the preservation
and maintenance of Liberty Hall and the Liberty Hall Park. Signs  and lighting as well as landscaping
of traffic islands and road shoulders. Gifts to the Dennis Conservation Trust and the Dennis Land
 Bank for South Dennis parcels in jeopardy. Special projects and other South Dennis landmarks
would be Cemetery Restoration, Jerico Historical Society, The Congregation Church of South Dennis
and the The South Dennis Free Library. The association was Founded in 1981.

Why do we have this organization ?

This is best defined by the By-Laws or Constitution of the Old South Dennis Village Association.

   To foster and promote neighborliness by actively encouraging preservation of the
historical character of the Village.

   To serve as a vehicle to give voice to the feeling of the neighborhood to town officials.
   To monitor any governmental agencies or other parties whose actions would have effect
upon the neighborhood.
   To promote the general well-being of the neighborhood.

 Adopted January 3, 1982

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