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News of the Village Association

Vol. 29 No. 1 Spring 2012

After a crazy Spring weather-wise, summertime is once again on our doorstep, so mark your calendars for the above OSDVA events. At the


Ice Cream Social, visitors will once again have their dish of ice cream on which to create their own yummy sundae from a variety of toppings, and then (without dripping too much) navigate their way outside to listen to the soothing music of John Todd and partner’s "Cool Breezes." What better way to end a summer day?



Last Fall, a request was sent out to OSDVA members for extra voluntary donations to help enable this organization carry out its missions of preserving neighborhood character and providing all citizens with an opportunity to become better acquainted, thereby promoting a feeling of neighborliness among new as well as long time residents. The OSDVA Board wishes to salute and thank each and every one of the donors who responded so generously.


President: Ken Foster

Vice-President: Edmond Nickerson

Secretary: Brian Breen

Treasurer: Ken Foster

Political Action: Dorria DiManno and Edmond Nickerson

Membership: Rebecca Gallerizzo

Newsletter: Joan Nickerson

Directors: Bill Gallerizzo, Bob Harrison, Andrea Breen, Dan Rosenbach, Eileen Birch, Jim McCarty,

Lyn Foster, Lin DiManno, Royal and Jean Goheen, Sarah Rivers

Post Office Box 11 · South Dennis, MA 02660-0011


South Dennis is facing significant threats to our quality of life.

Recent developments mean that the quality of life as we know it in our historic Village is

in imminent danger. Please, take a few minutes to read this message.

We need "all-in" participation –homeowners, visitors, friends and family, and businesses throughout Dennis – to help keep our Village and our Town the kind of place we want to live in, and the kind of place others want to visit.

 The face of South Dennis, and the quality we have enjoyed for so long, is in jeopardy. To protect our quality of life, our property values, and the integrity of "the place we call home," we are writing to ask for your involvement, concern, time, and treasure. It’s going to take all of us, working together, to successfully protect our Village.

Since 1981, the Old South Dennis Village Association has stood vigilant over issues that might impact our quality of life. We have been successful at almost every turn. These efforts involved a passionate dedication to attending meetings, making phone calls, funding legal counsel, displaying lawn signs, signing petitions, fund-raising, writing letters, and more. This time, it’s more important than ever before.

Can we count on you to help us?

Listed below are just some of the very real threats,some already underway, that could make an irreversible impact on our Sea Captain’s Village.


Underway – Immediate Concerns

1. Imminent application of a Lowe’s Home Improvement Center to be located on Theophilus F. Smith Road (the Dump Road)off Route 134 in South Dennis. This big box store would undeniably affect traffic volumes throughout our area morning, noon and night. Major thoroughfares, including Main Street, High Bank Road, Old Bass River Road, Upper County Road, Center Street, Trotting Park Road, and Old Main Street could be severely impacted. Side streets, like Olde Dennis Approach, Duck Pond Road, as well as Route 6 exit and entrance ramps, would hardly be exempt, as severely increased traffic could greatly hinder access and egress to and from roads. The traffic, and more importantly, the "traffic mitigation" measures sure to be proposed could be, quite simply, ruinous to the integrity of the village and our quality of life. (Note, too, that traffic woes would extend to Great Western Road, Route 28, Hemlock Drive, Bob Crowell Road, Airline Road, and more.)


A letter addressing the Association’s concerns has been mailed to the Dennis Planning Board, the Board of Selectmen, and the South Dennis Historic District Commission. But OSDVA will need to have everyone’s participation. And yes, in addition to letters, phone, calls, signs, meetings, etc., we do anticipate attorney fees in order to undertake a successful campaign before various venues, including the Cape Cod Commission.

2. You’ve seen them – the proliferation throughout Dennis, and in South Dennis Village, of "Core 10 guardrail" also known as "rusting guardrail," along our scenic residential roads and neighborhoods. We believe a historic seaside community, heavily dependent on the aesthetics that draw visitors, is not well served by these guardrails. We’ve asked the Town to explore more appropriate – and safe – alternatives, and they are doing so.

3. Dueling telephone poles are becoming common throughout our area. We’ve all seen these, too. The utility companies are unresponsive to the pleas of our town and its boards to remove them, and thus we have dual poles, or half-sawn poles, creating a poor and unattractive appearance. We must be diligent in pressing the utility companies to attend to this.


1. The Dennis Town Office building on Main Street is about to undergo major renovations. Although the plans have not yet been brought before the general public for viewing, we are hopeful that the final plans reflect good taste, and traditional architectural features and materials so this building continues to be a first-class building, emblematic of South Dennis "as it existed in the early days of Cape Cod," and not something incongruous with the area. We are committed to working with the Town to set an example of good leadership and stewardship within the District.


Ongoing Concerns

1. New building is certain to happen on lots in and around the charming "Jericho Corner," at Main Street, Old Main Street, and Trotting Park Road. Proposed new construction in the area has already prompted concern for preservation of the architectural integrity of the area. Unquestionably, what will be built there could have an effect on the existing environment, community character, and the gateway to the balance of the Historic District. Help us encourage the Historic District Commission to pay particular attention to detail, and support them as they strive to ensure both integrity and equity to those who are currently District homeowners. The integrity of any new construction as well as renovations and restorations are of paramount importance, and we all need to express our concerns to the Commission.

2. The deteriorating state of the historic gravestones in the South Dennis Congregational Church Cemetery requires attentionand stewardship. We hope to work with our Town officials to create a long-term plan to restore and repair them. It is an important part of our heritage, community, and character. Much family and Town history is held in our cemeteries, and they deserve our care and attention.


3. Existing traffic woes - volumes, speeding, and truck traffic - through our village cause us to believe that we may wish to hire a traffic engineer to advise us on traffic calming and no thru-truck traffic (as is routinely done in other parts of Massachusetts with great success).



1. One area we are watching is the proposed "bicycle path" bridge across Route 134 at the Rail Trail, which will cross the road from the Rail Trail Parking Lot to the rear of Main Street in South Dennis. Design of such an installation at the gateway to Dennis is of concern, and planning and design must be done with community character at the forefront of all decision-making.

2. There has been an ownership change for Mid-Cape Home Center on Route 134. The company’s property spills over onto Main Street in S. Dennis. We hope the current and/or future owners will continue to be good neighbors, sensitive to their location abutting a residential area.







Yes, I’d like to become a member of the Old South Dennis Village Association. Enclosed please find my 1-year dues of $20.

 Yes, I’ll put a "No to Lowe’s" sign on my lawn or business. I understand I can pick one up from Ken Foster at Breakaway/Hall Oil on Route 134.

Please accept this gift in the amount of $__________ to help towards the defraying of costs associated with protecting our quality of life, property values and the "place we call home."




Mailing Address:






_________________________________ E-mail: _____________________________________________________

(Because of the nature of fast-moving events, meetings, and developments, e-mail is our most effective way

to communicate with you! Don’t forget to check our website:

Send to:

Old South Dennis Village Association, attn: Ken Foster

P.O. Box 11

South Dennis, MA 02660

Thank you!

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